A Burracombe Easter & Christmas

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is the last post in my Burracombe book series review. I’ve absolutely adored this series. I wasn’t sure if I would like all of the books because there are so many. Having said that, I need not have worried because each book had its own theme which was great.

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The last three books are prequels to the rest of the series. If read in order, they are read at the end of the series and answer so many questions you have throughout the series. Here is the last two Burracombe book reviews for you to enjoy…

A Burracombe Easter

A Burracombe Easter Book Cover.

The Blurb

Everyone has a secret in their past: discover the hidden lives of some of the best-loved residents of Burracombe.

Escape to the little Devonshire village that feels like home with this compelling Burracombe short story.

On Easter day in 1918, as the Great War entered its closing stages, Frances Kemp looked out atthe little thatched village in the valley below and promised that, one day, she’d come back…

For long before Miss Kemp became headmistress of the village school, when she was just a teenager, she had reason to know and love Burracombe. Sent to stay with family in the village, young Frances treasured her summers there and the friends she made.

But as she grows up, she admits that there is someone there who is more than just a friend. Yet just as they realise their childhood bond is deepening into something else, war is declared and life will never be the same again.

As Frances watched so many of her friends and family get called away to war, she must struggle to find a way to play her part, a way to get by while her sweetheart is away and a way to think about what lies ahead in a world where every day brings ever more uncertainty.

A Burracombe Christmas

A Burracombe Christmas Book Cover.

The Blurb

A short story to whisk you away on a festive trip to the Devonshire village where live is full of surprises…

Steal a glimpse at the past lives and loves of your favourite villagers in this captivating Burracombe short story.

Autumn 1918 has brought young Alice Whiddon to the Tozer’s farm to work as a maid. Alice soon falls in love with the little village and with life on the farm. But that’s not all she’s falling for. Youngest son, Ted Tozer is half promised to young Ivy Prowse, daughter of a neighbouring farmer, yet Alice and Ted feel a powerful bond forming.

But while the first peacetime Christmas in years beckons, romance must wait as influenza comes to the farm and threatens to bring tragedy with it, just as the Tozer’s eldest son Joe returns from the front to Burracombe and his sweetheart, Dottie.

As Alice and the family wait and hope for the new year to bring long-awaited joy and peace, no one knows whether the bells will peal in sorrow or in celebration as the year turns.

My Thoughts

I thought I would review these last two books together in one section. As they are short stories, I was able to read both of them in one sitting and I have to say it was a great way of spending an hour. Like with all of the other Burracombe books, A Burracombe Easter and Christmas were both such heart-warming stories. It was lovely to read this prequel because I was able to learn so much more about the older generation.

The books that were set in the 1950s showed the likes of Alice and Ted as grandparents so it was great to read about them as happy and young teenagers. If anything, I would have loved the series to have started from here and gone on because I feel like there is a large chunk of life I’ve missed out on.

Final Thoughts

I’m sad that this series has come to an end because I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each book. They were on my TBR list for so many years and I actually had the first couple of books when they were initially released. It took me so many years to pick them up to read and for that I have no excuse. I’m glad I waited until now to read them because it gave me something to focus on throughout this pandemic. When it felt like the world was falling apart, I was able to dive straight into Burracombe village.

If you ever see a Lilian Harry book, definitely pick it up. Of all of her books I’ve read, I have never had one that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. They are each written from the heart and with such care for the characters. They pages brings each character to live, and the descriptions place you straight in that setting. Through this, Lilian Harry has become and will always be, one of my favourite authors.

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16 thoughts on “A Burracombe Easter & Christmas

  1. Yeah, I know you love this Burracombe series. You blog about the books in the series a lot. It must be sad to blog about it for the last time eh? Don’t worry, you can still write about this series. Maybe you can share a list of your favorite Burracombe books, heroes, heroines, etc.

  2. I love heartwarming and emotional short stories like these. They’re perfect for the holiday season. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the series.

  3. How great that you loved every book in the series! I’ve never heard of these but I think I’d really like the short story nature of them. I also love anything Christmas!

  4. I’ve definitely missed a few of your reviews along the way that I need to go back to, but I’ve loved the sound of this series. It’s great that it all came together for you and they’ve provided some great escapism!

  5. I’ve never heard about this series before but it sounds like such a lovely collection of books! I love reading books like that this time of year so I may have to start the series! X

  6. I’ve not come across this series before but sound like a great read. Will definitely add to my TBR list! Thank you for sharing x

  7. I’ve never heard of these books, so thank you for recomending.

    I’m glad they brought comfort when you needed them and I also agree, there is a time for reading certain books. I feel like the stories come to you when needed 🙂

  8. I love that this series has a couple of short stories thrown in there and that the short stories deliver as lovely a story as the novels! The holiday one sounds so special and full of the Christmas spirit; definitely something worth spending a little time with.
    Thanks for sharing!

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